Springs are a major component of a functional garage door. A broken spring is not only a hazardous element but will prevent your garage door from operating properly. Replacing a garage door spring is a dangerous process if not done properly and something that should be left to the experts at Budget Garage Door and Repair.

Dangers of DIY

Many of us enjoy DIY projects. Beware that a garage door spring, if not worked on properly can be very dangerous. Broken springs pose an eminent threat as potential injuries are often serious or even fatal in some cases. Often the wrong sizes are installed by homeowners unaware of the different types of springs. This can lead to destruction of property as they may not hold the proper weight of the garage door. A trained technician will properly inspect all areas of the garage door and components to asses the issue. If a the technician diagnoses a damaged, faulty, or broken spring, they will use the proper tools needed to complete the job safely. Relax at home, while your Budget technician does the work for you.

Spring Services Offered

  • Diagnosis of damaged or broken springs
  • Replacement of damaged or broken springs
  • Installation of new garage door springs

Types of Springs serviced

  • Torsion Springs
  • Rollup Springs
  • Extension Springs