An annual garage door tune up is important to keep your garage door operating smoothly and safely. The average garage door will open and shut one thousand times per year. Let’s face it, your garage door and its components are likely one of the most neglected parts of your home. An expert will ensure that every piece is working as it should be and will recommend any repairs early on before it becomes a bigger issue. Most garage doors and openers are made of high quality materials, designed to last for many years if maintained properly. Call Budget Garage Door and Repair and ask about our one of a kind “Budget Tune Up”. We have designed a top quality service doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

“Budget Tune Up”

  • Lubricate Track and Springs
  • Inspect Retention Springs
  • Level Door and Inspect all Hardware
  • Inspect Rollers for wear on Bearings
  • Inspect Track and tighten screws/bolts as needed
  • Inspect In/Center Bearing Plates
  • Complete operational test